Onsite Meals

Dining Hall                            Dining Hall                           Dining Hall   


Adult: 13 and over| Child: 5-12 | Toddler: up to 4
Dinner Adult: $8.50 | Child: $4.25 | Toddler: Free
Lunch – Adult: $7.50 | Child: $3.75 | Toddler: Free
Breakfast – Adult: $6.50 | Child: $3.25 | Toddler: Free
Cold/Continental Breakfast – Adult: $4.50 | Child: $2.25 | Toddler: Free

Gluten Free
“First, select how many of each meal you want – specifying how many of each size meal – Adult, Child, or Toddler. 
Then, second,  specify how many of those meals you desire to be Gluten free.
  There is no extra charge for the gluten free option.”

Please complete your meal registration by 7:00 pm on 9/7/21.
We need to submit the meal totals to the site staff for them to process their grocery order in preparation. Please note that the facility reserves the right to substitute an equivalent comparable menu item due to difficulty obtaining some menu items.
Thank you for your consideration in this matter!
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Payment Information
Please plan to bring cash or checks to make payment for your accommodations, meals and daily use fees. We are not set up to accept credit cards. 
Checks should be made out to UCG-Kalispell.

If you would like to send a check to make payment before the Feast,
Checks may be mailed to:
UCG – Kalispell
736 Birch St.
Helena, MT 59601

Please send them no later than September 7 so they arrive by September 12, and can be processed BEFORE Atonement.
Please do not send checks after September 10th.
Just bring your payments to the Feast and pay when you check in.




***** 09/20/21 – Monday – Opening Night *****

***** 09/21/21 – High Sabbath *****

***** 09/22/21 – Wednesday – Family Day*****

***** 09/23/21 – Thursday – Glacier Day *****
Early Meals no Dinner

***** 09/24/21 – Friday – Senior Luncheon *****
Lunch and Senior Luncheon are at Same Time
(Be careful not to order both for one person)

*****09/25/21 – Mid Feast Sabbath *****

***** 09/26/21- Sunday – Ladies Tea *****
Lunch and Ladies Tea are at Same Time
(Be careful not to order both for one person)

***** 09/27/21 – Monday *****

***** 09/28/21 – High Sabbath – Last Great Day *****

***** 09/29/21- Check-Out Day *****